The compression and expansion of the longitudinal waves cause the erratic oscillation

the colors children!

the colors children!

we’ve got stacking, tweaks to the pace and the mangler coming in, the particles have tightened up and I’m spending time with the controls asap.  I considered opening up a build for feedback but there’s still so much broken, we’ll wait until we’re closer to a playable game loop for the public release.  The colors…..

Why Alchementrix probably won’t be a F2P game…

F2P – Free to Play – has become a euphemism for ‘get the game for free, then pay to enjoy the play.’  For a great example, take a look at this great article on -where he eviscerates EA’s Dungeon Keeper F2P product.

I find the entire model antithetical, and devs I know who have tried to fight in that ecosystem made much more money on Steam, GOG and Desura. It seems like a race to the bottom where the cognitive scientists are crafting better ways to trick players into more microtransactions instead of, you know, developers making better games. Not for us, thanks.

Of course, we’re so far from release, who knows what lies ahead – kickstarter?  indiegogo?  greenlight & early access?  At least it won’t be “Free to Play”, and expensive to enjoy.

Daily Update

A new thing – m-f updates or at least screenshots.

Jake and I have been making so much progress that I’ve been lax in screencapping.

Here we’re trying to get the particles just right, including transparency and performance.  A new build with music is working, but I won’t be sharing it out until we have a few things added – start, pause, refined controls and some placeholder sounds.  oh and a game over state.

vacuum particle overdraw - too many particles will hurt performance, too few won't  be dense enough to perceive.

vacuum particle overdraw – too many particles will hurt performance, too few won’t be dense enough to perceive.

We’ll be assembling a list of testers soon, if you can sign an NDA and want to spend some time with it, please reach out.

As the machine gathers steam, the Alchementrix awakens…

Working through the ugh.


I was laid low this week by a nasty head cold, but managed to get some assets textured and into unity. This screenshot shows the diffuse textures; there’s still a specular and other detail maps to come. Had a working meetup with Mr. Vinson, who’s gotten our mercurial repo up and running. It’s a nice change to make progress, even if I feel like dog vomit.