Another day, another mangler.

Finally getting back to work on a really fun aspect of Alchementrix:  the power-ups.  Here we have the rebuild of Moorewick’s Mechanickal Mangler, a giant drill piece capable of tearing through an entire column of tiles in half a second.

One of the primary aspects of the power-ups is balancing orderly effects against chaotic; the demo version will ship with 4 power-ups.  The mangler, an explosive called Grenado, and a pair of others we’ll talk about later.

The mangler you see here is powered by Steam, which is drawn from the player’s reserves of water and fire.  The mangler is a quick way to destroy a column of tiles, but it won’t return gold from stone tiles, so the player has to balance that predictability against profits.

2 thoughts on “Another day, another mangler.

  1. I am very impressed with your artwork. Do you make it yourself? I especially like this power-up. Maybe you could add a few more cogs to it? If / when you’ve animated it I would very much like to see a video of it in action.

    I do have one criticism (which may prove to be negligible as I am not an authority on the subject): The colors (especially in the previous post’s image look overly saturated and I think you may be losing a lot of detail from it. Everything might look much cleaner and less cluttered if you scale back on saturation a bit.

  2. Sorry I missed this when you posted it, I’ll definately take those points under advisement (the mangler pictured is over-bright, it’s not the actual sprite, just a detail render, and the lighting is blown out). As to your question, yes, I make all the art for Alchementrix, as well as doing the design for the game itself. I’ll post the final mangler (with video) soon, hope to spend most of next week working on these assets. Thanks!

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