Shuriken Tests

Shuriken, the particle system in Unity, is pretty neat.  There’s still a ton of work with secondary particles and texture filtering to be done (if your monitor’s gamma is set high, you may see banding and square edges on some particles) but over all, I’ve come up with a good set of effects here that are low cost in texture and polygon budgets.  3 draw calls for each of them, except the vacuum, which is 2.

The reason I’m aiming for such low overhead instead of more elaborate setups is that there’s every chance that many of these reaction effects will be firing off within fractions of a second – if the effect is elaborate, it’ll make unity chug.

Follow this link and start spamming the 1-4 keys;  please let me know if they look poor, you can see the sprite edges, you’d like to tell me your innermost secrets, etc…


2 thoughts on “Shuriken Tests

  1. ewwww, pretty! one idea would be to take the smoke out of the fire particle effect. then all four effects would stick to their main color (red, green, etc) and stay brilliantly colored.

  2. Hadn’t really thought about that; I’m going to add a rising spark layer that (I’m afraid) will disappear without the smoke, but I’ll give it a try when I iterate on these again. Thanks!

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