Powerups, refinements and a list of remaining milestones before playable demos…

stupid stupid stupid

An attempt at re-skinning the stone tiles that failed.. badly.



First look at the mechanical mangler – it bores down a column of tiles, destroying them, but costing steam power (fire & water). The return on stone tiles for this very predictable powerup is minimal.


Lots of things are in flux at the moment, but we’ve got a clear path to a build I’d like people to lay hands on.

Controls – both configurations for keyboard and gamepad, but also implementing runtime control configuration to enable players to set up their own control schemes.

End game:  right now, you can fill the well and overflow it, and the game will attempt to keep chugging along, eventually crashing the runtime when the draw calls eclipse 10,000.

Tile Destruction:  at the moment, reactions remove elements from the board but don’t destroy stone tiles or affect each other (vacuum should snuff adjacent fire tiles, freeze liquids, fire should thaw, etc.,)

It’s gratifying to have reached this point on the project, it just illuminates how many more things need to be done before it’s even able to demo.  As Churchill said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going!” – which leads to HST: “can’t stop here, this is bat country!” 😀




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