Alchementrix is a tile based puzzle game prototyped by Sean D Siem & Michal Wallace and being finished by Sean & Jake Vinson, as a Robocognito game.  We’re currently rebuilding everything in C# and Unity.  We hope to have a public alpha period beginning soon, and are setting up the forums now.  Meanwhile, feel free to comment in the devblog posts, great games need lots of feedback!


Some brief notes:

Steampunk! Tiles!  Color matching! Directional effects!  Powerups!  Redundant punctuation!  Dogs & Cats, living together!



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  1. Hey Sean!

    I found you on Seattle West Side Game developers and I was wondering if you needed any students to help you test the games?

  2. Hi Billy! This is Sean Siem, we’ve already spoken about your student / testers, I suggested you post up at igdaseattle and seattle indies facebook groups. Not ready for testers yet, but hope to soon. Cheers!

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