Story & Elemental Attacks

The skies above London are filled with smog. Gigantic factories dump effluence into the Thames while smelting gold and metals for the British Empire.  Britain holds it’s empire together with it’s strong navy and stronger industries.  Mad King Newton has ruled for 100 years, his twisted form an amalgam of alchemy and clockwork.  Today is Monday, April 2nd, 1827, your first day as an apprentice in Newton’s Alchementrix.

The Alchementrix is a machine that uses industrial alchemy to extract gold from stone.  Each element has a set of inherent properties, behaviors, and these can be used to refine stone, or combined, to form new effects.

The basic elements for industrial alchemy are Water, Fire, Acid and Vacuum.  Water courses downwards, eroding softer stone to reveal precious metals. Fire burns upwards, a blast furnace of heat cracking stone and melting precious metals into the cistern below.  Acid’s volatile temper causes it to spray outward, eroding softer material quickly.  Finally we have vacuum, the ability to suck air from a room, to crush and implode, snuffing out flames and freezing liquids, re-arranging tiles in the process.

Each of these can be used to refine stone, but the player can also store their energy to power faster, more powerful reactions, called Elemental Attacks.

Elemental Attacks use energy from multiple elements.  For example, water added to fire gives steam, which can be used for mechanical work.  The Alchementrix uses Steam to rotate the game grid, turning the board on it’s side.  Another mechanical elemental attack is Moorewick’s Mangler, a gigantic drilling device which tears through a column of tiles.

Other combinations of the initial elements yield electrical, explosive and optical effects, allowing the player to chew through the stone faster. Many are named after the pioneers of science and natural philosophy who discovered their fundamental principals, men like Spinoza, Ampere, Peltier and Fresnel.

We’re excited to roll out a preliminary list of the Elemental Attacks and their animatics (a short series of images which illustrate their behavior) next, and as the particle effects for the base elements come together, we’ll be able to build upon those for the Elemental Attack effects.  Exciting times!


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