Developments in developers…?

Alchementrix’s design history has a long and strange time between other projects and paying gigs. ¬†Recently, a dev who I’ve jammed with in the past stepped forward to offer his talents on rebuilding some tools in Alchementrix. ¬†Jake Vinson is probably best known for¬†The Daily WTF; he’s an inspiring guy to work with – and has tackled some of the¬†idiosyncrasies¬†of Alchementrix quickly. ¬†We’re looking forward to a new playable with a much more solid feature set (freezing liquids, drop piece flick) soon, as I refine the front end to fit Jake’s underpinnings.

With all that said, now is a great time to start gathering supporters for the¬†inevitable¬†playtesting we’ll open this summer – if you enjoy puzzle games and have some time to provide feedback, please drop us a line so we can add you to the alpha testing list.



New UI Geometry

really trying to push that proto-victorian industrial feel here.

On start, the UI is dark and all you see is the center well. ¬†UI elements then assemble: ¬†The meters each extend into the screen on pistons, coming from various angles. ¬†The Message Board on the right slides in, then the drop-piece preview will flip up into it’s position, and the money and time counters will raise into their spaces. ¬†Lots of cute tweening and showmanship, setting the stage for industrial alchemy.